Dove Hunting in New York

Dove hunting is a popular sport in New York, and for good reason. With a variety of habitats and a large population of doves, the state offers some great opportunities for hunters. Whether you’re an experienced hunter looking for a new challenge, or a beginner just getting started, there are a few things you should know before heading out into the field. In this blog post, we’ll cover some basic tips for dove hunting in New York, including where to find the birds, what type of equipment you need, and how to stay safe while hunting.

Dove Hunting Laws in New York

The state of New York has very specific laws in place regarding the hunting of doves. These laws exist in order to protect the dove population and to ensure that hunters are acting responsibly when pursuing these birds.

In New York, it is illegal to hunt doves with the use of firearms that are larger than .22 caliber. Additionally, it is against the law to shoot more than two rounds at a time when hunting doves. All hunters must also possess a valid hunting license in order to pursue these birds.

There are also certain areas where dove hunting is not permitted. These areas include national parks, wildlife refuges, and other protected lands. It is important to check for any restrictions in place before heading out on a hunt.

By following these laws, hunters can help to ensure that the dove population in New York remains healthy and thriving.

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Do you need a license to hunt Dove in New York?

In New York, you need a license to hunt doves if you want to hunt them on your own land or on public land. If you are hunting on someone else’s land, you need to get permission from the owner first.

Dove Hunting Seasons in New York

Dove hunting season in New York begins on September 1st and runs through November 9th. The daily limit is 15 doves, with a possession limit of 45. A valid NYS hunting license is required to hunt doves in New York State.

The best time to hunt doves is early in the morning or late in the afternoon when they are actively feeding. When scouting for a good hunting spot, look for areas where there is a lot of dove activity, such as fields with seed-bearing plants or watering holes.

Doves are fast and agile flyers, so be prepared for a challenge when you go hunting! But with a little practice, you’ll be bringing home a tasty meal in no time.

Can you hunt Dove at night in New York?

Dove hunting is a popular sport in New York, and many hunters enjoy pursuing these birds at night. While it is legal to hunt doves at night in New York, there are some special rules and regulations that apply.

First, only artificial lights may be used to attract or take doves at night. This means no using spotlights or other natural light sources. Secondly, all shooting must be done from a stationary position – no moving vehicles or boats. Finally, remember to wear plenty of blaze orange when hunting at night so you can be easily seen by other hunters.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you can enjoy a fun and successful dove hunt at night in New York State.

Bag limits for hunting Dove in New York

The daily bag limit for doves in New York is 10. The possession limit is 20. There is no closed season for hunting doves in New York.

Doves are a popular game bird in New York, and they can be hunted throughout the state. The daily bag limit is 10, and the possession limit is 20. There is no closed season for hunting doves in New York, so hunters can take advantage of the opportunity to hunt them whenever they like.

Dove hunting can be a challenging and rewarding experience. In order to be successful, hunters need to be aware of the bag limits and plan their hunts accordingly. By following the regulations and respecting the limits, hunters can help ensure that there will continue to be plenty of doves for everyone to enjoy in the future.

Legal ways to hunt Dove in New York

There are three main ways to hunt dove in New York:

  1. With a shotgun and shells that contain lead shot, which is currently the only legal method.
  2. With a shotgun and non-toxic shot, such as a steel shot.
  3. With a bow and arrow.

The use of lead shot for hunting doves was outlawed in 1991 but grandfathered in for those who had purchased a shotgun before the ban went into effect. In 1999, the state began phasing out the use of lead shot by requiring hunters to purchase special stamps that certify they will only use shotguns that fire non-toxic ammunition when hunting doves.

As of 2003, all hunters are required to use non-toxic shots when hunting doves in New York State. The use of bows and arrows to hunt doves was legalized in 2004.

Can you use dogs to hunt Dove in New York?

Dove hunting is a popular sport in New York, and many hunters use dogs to help them find and flush out the game. While there are no specific regulations regarding the use of dogs for dove hunting in New York, hunters should be aware of some general guidelines.

First, all dogs used for hunting must be licensed by the state. In addition, all dogs must be up-to-date on their vaccinations. Dogs that are not properly licensed or vaccinated may not be allowed on some hunting grounds.

Second, it is important to consider the safety of both the dog and the game when using a dog for hunting. When training a dog for hunting, it is important to teach them to only flush out the game when directed by the hunter. If a dog is left to roam free, it may inadvertently startle game birds and cause them to fly away before the hunter is ready to shoot.

Finally, it is always important to clean up after your hunt, including any messes made by your dog. This helps to keep hunting areas clean and safe for everyone involved.

Can you hunt Dove from a vehicle in New York?

In New York, it is not legal to hunt dove from a moving vehicle. The only exception to this rule is if the vehicle is being used as a stationary blind and all hunting activities are conducted from within the confines of the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to consider when dove hunting in New York. The first is the time of year. Dove season in New York runs from September 1st to October 31st. The second is the type of habitat. Doves like open areas with short grass, so fields and pastures are good places to look for them. Third, you need to find a place to hunt. Public hunting areas can be found on the DEC website. Finally, you need to get a hunting license. You can get one at any DEC office or online at the DEC website.

With all of that said, dove hunting in New York can be a great experience. It’s a challenging sport that can be very rewarding. So if you’re looking for a new hunting adventure, give it a try!

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