Coyote Hunting in Michigan: [Rules and Regulations 2023-2024]

Wondering about the laws and regulations for coyote hunting in Michigan? You have come to the right place. Many people are attracted to Michigan’s hunting scene because of the State’s whopping 36 million acres of public hunting land, much of which is open to coyote hunting.

Michigan is considered to be a paradise for anyone looking to explore the trivial sport that is coyote hunting. This article goes into an in-depth analysis of laws and regulations regarding coyote hunting in the Green Lakes State of Michigan.

Along the way, I will also try to answer a few frequently asked questions related to coyote hunting in Michigan.

Coyote Hunting in Michigan

The Department of Natural Resources regulates all the coyote hunting activities in Michigan.

The department also provides strive to protect natural and cultural resources, ensure sustainable recreation use and enjoyment, enable strong natural resource-based economies, improve and build strong relationships and partnerships, and foster effective business practices and good governance.

The State of Michigan has designated coyotes as furbearers. This means there is no any closed season nor any bag limits for coyote hunting in Michigan.

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Do you need a license to hunt coyotes in Michigan?

You will need a fur harvester license in order to hunt or trap coyotes in Michigan.

A fur harvester license allows the residents to hunt fox, opossum, skunk, weasel, bobcat, coyote, and raccoon and trap badger, bobcat, fisher, marten, fox, coyote, weasel, mink, raccoon, muskrat, beaver, otter, skunk, and opossum.

Non-residents with a valid fur harvester license can harvest all the animals above except bobcat, otter, fisher, marten, or badger. Bear in mind, Michigan residents may also hunt coyotes with a base license.

A valid base license is needed to purchase a fur harvester license in Michigan. The base license acts as a source for DNR to fund the habitats and for conservation works on both public and private land.

Furthermore, it supports the work of conservation officers and field staff to ensure safe, legal hunting practices are followed. The base license is valid for hunting small games.

You may require additional licenses to hunt other species. Don’t forget to carry your base license while hunting coyotes in Michigan.

You can purchase Michigan hunting and fishing licenses online or in person at any agent that sells Michigan licenses. You can also find the list of agents to purchase a hunting license in Michigan through the DNR website.

Do you need to take Hunter Education Course to purchase a hunting license in Michigan?

If you are born on or after Jan 1, 1960, you must present your Hunter Safety Certificate or previous hunting license (other than an apprentice license) to purchase any hunting license.

Michigan offers Hunter Education courses year-round throughout the state. You can find the course online.

Non-residents can purchase a Michigan hunting license with a valid hunter education safety certificate from another state. 

Coyote Hunting Seasons in Michigan

There is no closed season for hunting coyotes in Michigan. That means hunters may hunt coyotes year-round by following proper rules and regulations.

The trapping season start from October 15, 2023 and Ends at March 1, 2024.

Bag Limits for Coyote Hunting in Michigan

There are no bag limits for hunting coyotes in Michigan. You can hunt coyotes in Michigan all year round without having to worry about the season or bag limits.

Where to hunt Coyotes in Michigan?

Michigan offers excellent coyote hunting opportunities across its expansive northern forests and more open agricultural lands to the south. Numerous state forests, recreation areas and wildlife management zones harbor healthy coyote populations and allow public access.

The Upper Peninsula features abundant territory to target coyotes, with large state forest areas intermixing thick woodlands and open meadows that coyotes thrive in. The Escanaba River State Forest, Baraga Plains and Craig Lake State Park area all see frequent sightings and sign. The Western Upper Peninsula also holds high numbers, with the Black River Scenic Byway offering miles of public land.

In the northern Lower Peninsula, Pigeon River Country State Forest, Atlanta Management Unit, Rifle River Recreation Area and Highland Recreation Area offer over 200,000 combined acres for hunting coyotes. Central and Southern Michigan have coverage as well, with public lands like the Barry State Game Area and Yankee Springs Recreation Area. Identifying access roads is key.

You can use centerfire rifles to hunt coyotes during regular daytime hunting hours statewide when following all applicable regulations.

However, it is unlawful to use a centerfire rifle or centerfire pistol to hunt a coyote during nighttime hours in any state park or state recreation area, and on public lands in the limited firearm deer zone.

The hunter orange requirements don’t apply to individuals who are stationary and are in the act of hunting coyotes. Hunter orange is NOT required year-round when nighttime hunting.

You may hunt from a raised platform or tree stand if you are:

  • Bow or crossbow hunter (all species).
  • Fox, coyote, raccoon or opossum hunter (day or night).
  • Bobcat hunter (day only).

Firearm Restrictions During Deer Season

November 15 to November 30 is classified as a deer season in Michigan. And there are some firearm restrictions you must follow while hunting coyotes during deer season.

Please visit the Official website for credible information about firearms.

  • Coyote, fox, raccoon, and badger may be killed in traps by fur takers using .22 caliber or smaller rimfire firearms, except from Nov. 15-30 unless the firearm is loaded at the point of kill only.
  • In the limited firearm deer zone, all coyote hunters afield during deer season must abide by the the firearm restrictions or use a crossbow or a bow and arrow.

The firearms you can legally use during this period are:

  • A shotgun may have a smooth or rifled barrel and may be of any gauge.
  • A muzzleloading rifle or black powder handgun must be loaded with black powder or a commercially manufactured black powder substitute.
  • A conventional (smokeless powder) handgun must be .35-caliber or larger and loaded with straight-walled cartridges and may be single or multiple shot but cannot exceed a maximum capacity of nine rounds in the barrel and magazine combined.
  • A .35-caliber or larger rifle loaded with straight-walled cartridges with a minimum case length of 1.16 inches and a maximum case length of 1.8 inches.
  • A .35-caliber or larger air rifle or pistol charged only from an external high compression power source.

Yes, it is legal to use electronic calls, mouth calls, other types of game calls, or predator calls when hunting coyotes in Michigan. Furthermore, it is completely legal to use mechanical or electronic decoys while hunting coyotes in the state of Michigan.

Can you hunt coyotes at night in Michigan?

Yes, you can hunt coyotes at night in Michigan if you follow all the regulations. Nighttime coyote hunters must use a game call or predator call or use the aid of dogs.

Hunters may use scopes, open sights, thermal, infrared, and laser sights by complying with Michigan’s nighttime coyote hunting regulations.

Furthermore, you may also use artificial lights of the type ordinarily held in the hand or on the person.

Can you use dogs to hunt coyotes in Michigan?

Yes, you can use dogs to hunt bobcat, raccoon, opossum, fox, and coyote during their respective open seasons.

Dogs may be trained only on games that may be lawfully taken with dogs from July 8 – April 15. Exception: Michigan residents may train dogs on fox on state lands in Zone 3 under a special permit.

Visit the official website before making any decision.

Can you hunt coyotes from a vehicle in Michigan?

No, it is illegal to pursue or hunt coyotes in Michigan from a car, snowmobile, aircraft, drone, motorboat, personal watercraft, ORV, or other motorized vehicle or a sailboat. However, special permits are available for hunters with disabilities.

Are there any bounty programs for coyote hunting in Michigan?

There are no current bounty programs for hunting coyotes in Wyoming. We will update this section once there is any news about it in the future.

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