Coyote Hunting in Nebraska [Rules & Regulations 2023-2024]

You have come to the perfect place if you want to start your coyote hunting quest in Nebraska. Many people are attracted to Nebraska’s wild because of its substantially growing forests and wildlife. Alongside Nevada, Nebraska is considered to be heaven for anyone looking to explore the trivial sport that is coyote hunting. This article goes into an in-depth analysis of laws and regulations regarding coyote hunting in the Cornhusker State of Nebraska. Along the way, I will also try to answer a few frequently asked questions related to coyote hunting in Nebraska.

Coyote Hunting in Nebraska

Here is a 99-word introduction to coyote hunting in Nebraska:

Coyote hunting is widely permitted in Nebraska given the lack of bag limits and an open statewide season for pursuing this abundant predator.

Hunters can access public lands like state wildlife management areas as well as private ranches with permission. Methods range from calling to shooting and trapping, allowing for both challenge and effectiveness.

Nebraskan terrain spanning plains, prairies, and farmlands hold large coyote populations adept at hunting smaller mammals and livestock, though thicker river bottoms may offer better stalking.

With ample opportunities across the state, knowledgeable hunters legally taking ethical shots can help control these clever canines and put tasty meat in the freezer. Overall, few restrictions allow for accessible coyote hunting sport in Nebraska.

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Do you need a hunting license to hunt coyotes in Nebraska?

Since coyotes are classified as non-game mammals and are not protected as furbearers, residents do not need to get a license or permit for coyote hunting in Nebraska. However, if you are a non-resident and would like to go coyote hunting in Nebraska, you will need to get a hunting permit for small games. All the licenses and permits related to coyote hunting in Nebraska can be purchased through xyz website.

Coyote Hunting seasons in Nebraska

There are no closed seasons for coyote hunting in Nebraska. You may hunt coyotes all year round without needing a hunting license(if you are a resident). Furthermore, hunting and trapping coyotes and other furbearers is open 24 hours a day.

Where to hunt Coyotes in Nebraska?

Nebraska provides excellent coyote hunting habitat across its range of prairie grasslands, badlands and agricultural lands. Great public land access exists on state wildlife management areas, federal reservoir properties and national forest or grassland holdings, all harboring abundant coyote populations.

The western half of Nebraska contains exceptional terrain for targeting coyotes across wide open spaces intermixed with rocky buttes and river valley woodlands. Notable public lands span over 1.5 million acres combined on sites like Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Valentine National Wildlife Refuge, Buffalo Creek WMA, and Oglala National Grassland.

In eastern Nebraska, the Indian Cave State Park and adjacent Missouri river branch holds populations of coyotes that can be hunted during appropriate seasons under park regulations. Further north, areas like Twin Lakes WMA utilize wetlands to harbor decent densities through winter and early breeding months when pursuing them.

Bag Limits for Coyote Hunting in Nebraska

There is typically no bag limit for hunting coyotes. Nebraska states do not restrict the number of coyotes a hunter can harvest, as coyotes are often considered nuisance animals rather than managed game species.

So you can typically harvest an unlimited number of coyotes while hunting in most areas of the United States during designated hunting seasons with proper licenses. But verifying the specific regulations is still advisable before hunting them in any given location.

Legal Ways to Hunt Coyotes in Nebraska

Here are some key details on legally hunting coyotes in Nebraska:

  • Hunting License – All hunters must have a valid hunting license to hunt coyotes in Nebraska, except youth under 16 years old. Annual and multi-year options are available.
  • Permits – No additional permits or tags are required to hunt coyotes in Nebraska. They are classified as predators, not managed game species.
  • Season – There is an open, year-round coyote hunting season statewide. Hunting is permitted 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
  • Land Access – Coyotes may legally be hunted on private or public lands in Nebraska, given required permissions and seasonal area rules. Public lands such as state Wildlife Management Areas offer accessible hunting.
  • Methods – Centerfire rifles, rimfire rifles, shotguns with #2 or smaller shot, muzzleloaders, archery equipment, falcons, handheld calls, and electronic calls are legal methods that may be used. Night hunting with artificial light is also allowed.
  • Limits – No bag limits exist per coyote. Unlimited harvest is authorized.
  • Tagging – Any harvested coyotes do not need to be registered or tagged in Nebraska.

So in summary, purchasing an appropriate hunting license allows year-round hunting of coyotes on both public and private lands using a variety of common methods, with no limits. Always confirm regulations for specific public areas before hunting.

Can you use dogs to hunt coyotes in Nebraska?

Yes, using dogs to hunt coyotes is legal in the state of Nebraska. Here are some key regulations around using dogs to hunt coyotes:

  • Any dog used to hunt coyotes must be accompanied by a licensed hunter. The hunter must have a valid fur harvesting permit if hunting coyotes for their fur.
  • There are no breed, training, or ownership restrictions on dogs that can be used to hunt coyotes in Nebraska. Any dog capable of assisting in hunting coyotes may be used.

So in summary, hunters are welcome to use dogs to assist in hunting coyotes across Nebraska with very few restrictions. Proper licensing is still required. As with any hunt, permissions are required on private lands. It’s always best to review county and public land rules as well. But using dogs to tree, track and hunt coyotes can be an effective and legal method.

Can you hunt coyotes from vehicles in Nebraska?

No, it is illegal to hunt coyotes directly from a vehicle in the state of Nebraska. However, vehicles may be used to provide transportation to and from the hunting site.

Specific regulations for hunting coyotes with vehicles in Nebraska include:

  • You may not shoot coyotes from a vehicle, including ATVs/UTVs, snowmobiles, trucks, etc. This constitutes illegal shooting.
  • It is illegal to use vehicles to chase, drive or harass wildlife on public access lands in Nebraska. So they cannot be used to directly pursue coyotes.
  • Spotlighting coyotes from vehicles at night is allowed. However, you must be outside of the vehicle at the time of take.
  • Vehicles can be used as a stationary blind or to haul carcasses after legally harvesting a coyote by foot outside the vehicle.
  • Driving on public lands may be seasonally restricted. Check specific area rules before using vehicles for access.

So in summary, while vehicles are useful transportation to and from hunting locations, you must be outside and separate from the vehicle when attempting to harvest coyotes in compliance with Nebraska regulations. Practicing ethical spot-and-stalk principles from the land are best.

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