Can Coyotes eat Dog food?

Seeing coyotes sneak through your yard is common in rural areas. You may worry they attack pets. Or wonder – do coyotes eat dog food left outside? Can this harm them or attract more near homes?

Can Coyotes eat Dog Food?

Yes, Coyotes can eat dog food if it is available to them because of the reasons given below.

Opportunistic Appetites

Coyotes are opportunistic feeders. They eat a wide variety of foods based on availability. From rodents to deer, they aren’t picky. This includes consuming pet food like cat and dog kibble left outdoors. They will also raid trash cans for scraps.

Drawn to Easy Meals

High protein and fat content makes dog food very appealing. A bowl left on a porch, bags of kibble in garages, or even city alley trash bins full of food scraps will entice coyotes to backyard areas. Like any wild animal, easy calories are hard for them to ignore.

Poses Some Health Risks

While coyotes’ resilient digestive systems allow them to consume some commercial pet foods, over-indulgence can cause pancreatic issues. Their normal diets require more fibrous content that kibble lacks. Still, finding an easy buffet, they will risk it.

So keeping pet food locked away securely removes the temptation. Eliminating open food sources helps keep wild coyotes wandering neighborhoods simply because an free meal awaits. Removing food rewards returns them to hunting more natural prey instead of lingering near houses and pets.

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