Best Time to hunt Coyotes in the Winter

The Best Times to Hunt Coyotes in Winter

Hunting coyotes is popular in the winter. Their fur is thickest then. Many hunters want to know when are the best times to hunt them. Read on to learn about the prime times to hunt coyotes in winter months.

Early Morning

Early morning hours are excellent to hunt winter coyotes. This means dawn around 5 or 6 AM. Coyotes travel and hunt most at dawn. Set up before the sun rises in an area they frequent.

Use prey calls to bring them close into shooting range. The low-light conditions also help conceal you until it is light enough to safely take an ethical shot.

Late Afternoon

Late afternoon is another primetime. Be set up a few hours before dusk. Like dawn, coyotes tend to patrol and be very active at sunset looking for food before bedding down.

Using electronic calls that sound like injured rabbits or deer will lure them to you. Take advantage of their hunger and curiosity.

During Cold Spells

Hunt during very cold spells in the winter. Coyotes get hungry when freezing temps last for days. Set up downwind of areas they patrol when desperately looking for something to eat.

Keep calling sequences short but urgent. Remain alert and steady when they come running in ready to pounce.

Use the early morning, late afternoon, and cold snaps to your advantage this winter for successful coyote hunting!

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