How long can Coyotes live?

Coyotes roam most parts of North America. They adapt well to many habitats. With few natural predators, their populations thrive. This leads some to wonder – how long do coyotes live? What is their life expectancy?

Average Lifespan

The average coyote lives between 10-12 years in the wild. Their resilience allows them to survive broken bones, diseases and scraps with other animals. Yet only about 60 percent survive more than one year.

Oldest in Captivity

While over a decade is normal in nature, coyotes can live longer in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. The oldest captive coyote was just over 21 years old. With medical care and consistent food sources, they may reach 20 years.

Death Causes

Most coyotes in the wild die from human related causes. Up to 90 percent are killed by trappers, hunters, and cars in their range. Fighting amongst themselves over mates and territory also reduces their longevity.

In the protected life of captivity, coyotes can potentially live over 20 years. But the daily threats they face in the wild generally limit them to an average life expectancy around 10-12 years. Their resilience against the elements is quite impressive!

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