Elk Hunting in Oklahoma – Rules & Regulations 2023-2024

There are a very few states in United States which allow Elk hunting and Oklahoma is one of them. Elk hunting in Oklahoma is an exciting big game for hunters. The hunters must understand and follow the rules & regulations during Elk hunting in Oklahoma.

In this article I have mentioned all the important rules and regulations published by Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Please read it carefully and visit the official website in case of any confusion.

Elk Hunting Laws in Oklahoma

All the important information about Elk hunting in Oklahoma is given below.

Combined Season LimitTwo elk per season, either sex.
Includes various elk hunting seasons.
Controlled hunts excluded from limit.
Elk taken Jan. 1-31, 2024, count for 2023 limit.
Legal Elk DefinitionLegal bull: Antlered bull, exceptions in Special Southwest Zone.
Antlerless elk: No visible antlers, any sex.
Landowner PermissionHunters need written permission from landowner/lessee.
Permission carried while hunting.
Exceptions for landowners, operators, immediate family.
Zone Harvest QuotaCheck department website for zone quota before hunting.
Season closes after quota is met.
Public LandsElk hunting closed on Department-owned/managed lands, except for controlled hunt permittees.
License RequirementsResidents need Resident Hunting License + Resident Elk License.
Nonresidents need Nonresident Elk License (or resident lifetime license).
Air-powered arrow rifle users need Arrow Rifle Permit.
Jan. 1-31 RequirementsResidents: Hunting license + Elk license for current year.
Nonresidents: Nonresident Elk License for current year.
Unfilled elk license can be used next fall.

Elk Hunting Seasons in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, elk hunting season typically runs from Early-October to Mid- January. The specific dates vary depending on the area you are hunting in and the type of hunt you are pursuing. For example, archery season typically opens a few weeks earlier than rifle season.

If you are a hunter and planning to hunt elk in Oklahoma, be sure to check the updated regulations for the specific area you will be hunting in.

You must the aware of the legalities and restrictions imposed by the Department.

Can you hunt Elk at night in Oklahoma?

It is not legal to hunt elk at night in Oklahoma.

Elk Hunting Zones in Oklahoma

ZonePrivate LandsBag LimitHarvest Quota
Panhandle ZoneBeaver, Cimarron, Texas counties2 elk (1 antlerless)60 elk
Special Northwest ZoneWoodward, Dewey, Ellis counties (part of Roger Mills)1 elk2 elk
Northwest ZonePrivate lands north/west of I-40 & I-351 elk8 elk
Northeast ZonePrivate lands north/east of I-40 & I-351 elk20 elk
Southeast ZonePrivate lands south/east of I-40 & I-351 elk5 elk
Southwest ZonePrivate lands south/west of I-40 & I-351 elk30 elk
Special Elk Southwest ZoneCaddo, Comanche, Kiowa counties2 elk (1 antlerless)No quota

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to hunt elk in Oklahoma. The state has a large population of elk, and the hunting season is long. You can also find a variety of areas to hunt in, from open fields to thick forests.

If you’re thinking about hunting elk in Oklahoma, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need a hunting license. You can get one from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Second, make sure you’re familiar with the state’s hunting regulations. They can be found on the Department’s website or in the Hunting Regulations Guide.

Third, choose a good spot to hunt. There are many public hunting areas in Oklahoma, so do some research to find one that’s right for you. Finally, be prepared for anything when you’re out in the field. Bring enough food and water, and dress appropriately for the odd weather conditions.

With a little preparation, you can have a successful and enjoyable elk hunt in Oklahoma.

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