Javelina Hunting in Pennsylvania

Javelina’s hunting season is just around the corner in Pennsylvania. If you’re looking to get out and hunt this fall, here’s what you need to know about javelina hunting in Pennsylvania. Javelinas, also known as peccaries, is a type of pig that is native to North America. They can be found in the southwestern United States, Mexico, and parts of Central America.

In Pennsylvania, they are found in the southeastern part of the state. Javelina’s hunting season runs from October 1st through January 31st. During this time, hunters can take up to two javelinas per day. However, there is a limit of eight javelinas per season. When hunting javelina, it is important to remember that they are a protected species. This means that there are specific regulations in place that must be followed in order to hunt them legally. For example, it is illegal to shoot javelina from a vehicle or to use dogs to hunt them. If you’re planning on hunting javelina this fall, make sure you brush up on the regulations and obtain the proper licenses and permits before heading out. By following the rules

Javelina Hunting Laws in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, javelina may be hunted with a license from October 1-November 14, and again from December 26-January 31. A hunting license costs $20.90 for residents and $101.90 for non-residents. A furtaker license is required to trap javelina, which costs $27.70 for residents and $102.70 for non-residents. Javelina may not be hunted at night, with dogs, or with bait.

Hunters must comply with all state and federal laws when hunting javelina in Pennsylvania. When in doubt, consult the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website or speak to a game warden.

Do you need a license to hunt Javelina in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, you need a license to hunt javelina. The cost of a license varies depending on the type of license you need, but generally, you need a hunting license and a javelina permit. You can get a hunting license from the Pennsylvania Game Commission website or from any authorized licensing agency. A permit is required for anyone who wants to take javelina during the javelina season, which runs from October 21st to November 10th. You can get a permit by applying online or through any authorized permitting agent.

Javelina Hunting Seasons in Pennsylvania

The javelina hunting season in Pennsylvania runs from October 1 through March 31. Hunters are required to have a valid hunting license and must adhere to all state and federal hunting regulations.

During the javelina hunting season, hunters can take up to two animals per day with a maximum limit of four animals per season. Javelinas must be taken with a firearm or archery equipment, and dogs may not be used for hunting.

Javelina hunting is restricted to certain areas of the state, and hunters must check the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website for specific regulations and closures before heading out. A map of javelina hunting areas is also available on the website.

The best time to hunt javelinas is in the early morning or evening hours when they are actively feeding. Javelinas are most often found near water sources, so it’s important to scout out likely locations before heading out on a hunt.

If you’re lucky enough to bag a javelina during the hunting season, be sure to properly field dress the animal as soon as possible after harvest. Javelinas can harbor disease, so it’s important to take precautions when handling the meat. The meat can be safely consumed if cooked properly, and many hunters find that it tastes similar to pork.

Can you hunt Javelina at night in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, javelina may be hunted at night with a spotlight or other artificial light ONLY if the person hunting is in possession of a valid hunting license and written permission from the landowner where the hunt will take place. A person may not use a motor vehicle to pursue, drive, or herd javelina at night.

Bag limits for hunting Javelina in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the bag limit for hunting javelina is two per day. Hunters are also required to have a valid hunting license and a permit to hunt javelina. The season for hunting javelina begins on the first Saturday in November and runs through the last day of February.

Legal ways to hunt Javelina in Pennsylvania

There are several ways to legally hunt Javelina in Pennsylvania. The most common method is with a firearm, although archery is also allowed. javelina may be hunted with either a shotgun or a rifle, and muzzleloaders are also permissible.

Trapping is another legal way to hunt Javelina in Pennsylvania. Trappers must have a valid license and follow all regulations set by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Finally, hounds may be used to hunt Javelina in Pennsylvania. Dogs must be kept under strict control at all times, and hunters must possess a valid hunting license as well as a hound hunting permit.

Can you use dogs to hunt Javelina in Pennsylvania?

There are special regulations for hunting javelina with dogs in Pennsylvania. Hunting javelina with dogs is only allowed from the first Saturday in December through the last day of February. From March 1 through the Friday before the first Saturday in December, hunting javelina with dogs is prohibited. Javelina may be hunted with leashed dogs during the open season, but only one dog may be used per hunter.

Dogs may be used to pursue or take javelina ONLY if:

The dog is lawfully possessed and under the physical control of the handler by means of a leash not exceeding 6 feet in length at all times while pursuing or taking big game animals; and

The dog is trained and conditioned specifically for pursuits of big game animals; and

The use of such dogs does not violate any other provision of this title.

If you want to use your dog to help you hunt javelina in Pennsylvania, make sure you follow these regulations.

Can you hunt Javelina from a vehicle in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, you can only hunt Javelina from a vehicle if you are disabled. If you are not disabled, you must be on foot to hunt Javelina.

Final Thoughts

There are a few things to keep in mind when hunting javelina in Pennsylvania. First, they are only found in certain parts of the state. Second, they are challenging animals to hunt due to their elusive nature. Third, they can be dangerous if not respected. With that said, javelina hunting can be a very rewarding experience.

If you do your homework and put in the effort, you will be rewarded with a memorable hunt. Javelinas are an amazing animal to pursue and offer a unique challenge that every hunter should experience at least once.

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