Raccoon Hunting in Colorado

Raccoon Hunting in Colorado

Raccoon hunting in Colorado is a popular pastime for many people. The state is home to a large population of raccoons, and they can be found in nearly every county. Hunting them is a great way to control their numbers and keep them from becoming a nuisance. If you’re interested in raccoon hunting in Colorado, there are a few things you should know before you get started. In this blog post, we will cover the basics of raccoon hunting, including where to find them, what equipment you need, and how to stay safe while you’re out in the field.

Raccoon Hunting Laws in Colorado

Colorado has some of the most liberal raccoon hunting laws in the country. There are no closed seasons, bag limits, or minimum size requirements for raccoons. In addition, there are no permits required to hunt them. You can use any legal method of taking, including trapping, to harvest a raccoon.

With so many options available to hunters, it’s important to know the basics of Colorado’s raccoon hunting laws before heading out into the field. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Raccoons may only be hunted during daylight hours.

2. All hunters must have a valid Colorado hunting license.

3. All firearms must be properly registered and licensed in the state of Colorado.

4. Raccoons may not be hunted with the aid of artificial light.

5. It is illegal to shoot a firearm from a moving vehicle, including off-road vehicles such as ATVs and UTVs.

6. Baiting or attracting raccoons with food is prohibited. This includes using scents or lures that imitate the smell of food items such as bacon or marshmallows

Do you need a license to hunt Raccoons in Colorado?

In Colorado, you need a hunting license to hunt raccoons. You can get a hunting license from the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW). The cost of a hunting license depends on the type of license you need and how long it is valid for. A one-day hunting license costs $11 for residents and $16 for non-residents. A five-day hunting license costs $28 for residents and $48 for non-residents. A annual hunting license costs $30.50 for residents and $56.50 for non-residents. You can buy a lifetime hunting license for $351.

To hunt raccoons, you will also need a big game permit, which costs $10 for residents and $20 for non-residents. The permit allows you to hunt one deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, or moose in Colorado during the specified season.

If you want to hunt raccoons at night, you will need a spotlight permit, which costs $5 for residents and $10 for non-residents. The permit allows you to use a spotlight to look for wildlife at night on public land in Colorado.

You can buy licenses and permits online at the DOW website or at any DOW office or retail license agent.

Raccoon Hunting Seasons in Colorado

In Colorado, the raccoon hunting season typically runs from mid-October to early November, with a limited season in some areas from late November to early December. Check with your local wildlife office to find out when the raccoon hunting season is in your area.

Raccoons are most active at night, so hunters typically set out bait or take advantage of natural food sources to attract them. Once a raccoon is spotted, hunters can either shoot them with a rifle or attempt to trap them. Trapping is often the preferred method as it allows for a cleaner kill and prevents the animal from suffering.

If you’re lucky enough to bag a raccoon this hunting season, be sure to properly process the meat. Raccoon meat is dark and oily, so it’s important to remove all the fat before cooking. When done correctly, raccoon can make a delicious and hearty meal for you and your family.

Can you hunt Raccoons at night in Colorado?

Raccoons are nocturnal animals, so they are most active at night. In Colorado, it is legal to hunt raccoons at night with a few restrictions. You must have a valid hunting license and you can only use artificial light to spot and shoot the animal. It is also important to be aware of your surroundings when hunting at night, as there may be other wildlife active in the area.

Bag limits for hunting Raccoons in Colorado

There is no bag limit for hunting raccoons in Colorado. However, hunters are only allowed to use artificial lights when hunting raccoons on private land with the permission of the landowner. On public lands, hunters may use artificial lights when hunting raccoons from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise.

Legal ways to hunt Raccoons in Colorado

There are two main ways to legally hunt raccoons in Colorado: with a hunting license and with a trapping license. To get either of these licenses, you must be at least 18 years old and have completed a Hunter Safety Course. If you want to trap raccoons, you must also complete a Trapper Education Course.

To hunt raccoons with a hunting license, you can use any legal method of take, including firearms, archery equipment, and crossbows. You can also use dogs to chase or tree raccoons, but you cannot use dogs to kill them. Baiting is not allowed when hunting with a hunting license.

To trap raccoons, you can use live traps or body-gripping traps. These traps must be set in such a way that they will not injure non-target animals or people. You must check your traps every 24 hours and remove any animals that have been caught. When transporting live animals, you must comply with all state and federal regulations.

Can you use dogs to hunt Raccoons in Colorado?

Yes, dogs can be used to hunt raccoons in Colorado. Raccoons are most active at night, so hunters typically use dogs that are trained to track and flush out prey. When a dog locates a raccoon, it will bark and alert the hunter. The hunter can then follow the dog to the tree where the raccoon is hiding and attempt to shoot it. If the hunter is successful, the dog will usually retrieve the carcass.

Can you hunt Raccoons from a vehicle in Colorado?

In Colorado, it is legal to hunt raccoons from a vehicle so long as the vehicle is not being used to drive recklessly or dangerously. If you are stopped by a game warden while hunting raccoons from your car, they may ask to see your hunting license and proof that you are not driving recklessly or endangering others.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to raccoon hunting, Colorado is a great state to be in. There are many different areas to hunt and the wildlife is abundant. Raccoon hunting can be a great way to spend time with friends and family, while also getting some exercise. It is important to remember to be safe while hunting and to follow all of the rules and regulations set forth by the state.

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