Raccoon Hunting in Nebraska

Raccoon Hunting in Nebraska

Raccoons are a common pest in Nebraska. They often rummage through trash cans and gardens in search of food. Hunting raccoons is a popular pastime in the state, but there are a few things you should know before you go out and start shooting. In this blog post, we will explore the basics of raccoon hunting in Nebraska. We will cover topics such as what kind of equipment you need, what time of year is best for hunting, and what regulations you need to follow. So whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a beginner, read on for everything you need to know about hunting raccoons in Nebraska.

Raccoon Hunting Laws in Nebraska

In Nebraska, it is legal to hunt raccoons with a firearm, bow, or trap. However, there are some regulations that must be followed in order to ensure a safe and successful hunt. Here are some of the main raccoon hunting laws in Nebraska:

-A person must have a valid hunting license in order to hunt raccoons.
-Raccoons may only be hunted during the open season, which runs from October 1st through March 31st.
-It is illegal to shoot a raccoon within 100 yards of any occupied dwelling without the consent of the owner/occupant.
-The use of artificial light to locate or take raccoons is prohibited.
-It is illegal to possess or transport a live raccoon without a permit from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.
-All hunters must follow all other general hunting laws and regulations, including those regardingHunter Education certification, bag limits, and so on.

By following these laws and regulations, hunters can help to ensure a safe and successful hunt for everyone involved.

Do you need a license to hunt Raccoons in Nebraska?

Yes, you need a license to hunt raccoons in Nebraska. You can get a hunting license from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The cost of the license depends on whether you are a resident or non-resident of Nebraska. A resident license costs $22, and a non-resident license costs $54. You can also get a 3-day non-resident hunting permit for $27.

Raccoon Hunting Seasons in Nebraska

The hunting seasons for raccoons in Nebraska vary depending on the area of the state in which you are hunting. In general, the hunting season for raccoons runs from mid-September to late February. However, there are some areas of the state where the season is open year-round.

If you are planning on hunting raccoons in Nebraska, it is important to check the regulations for the specific area in which you will be hunting. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has a detailed list of the different hunting seasons and regulations for each area of the state.

Can you hunt Raccoons at night in Nebraska?

In Nebraska, you can only hunt raccoons at night if you have a special hunting permit. Raccoon hunting is only allowed from sunset to sunrise. You must also be at least 18 years old and have a valid hunting license. If you want to hunt raccoons in Nebraska, you need to know where they live. Raccoons are most active at night, so it’s best to start your hunt just before dusk. You can find them in wooded areas, near ponds or streams, or in urban areas near garbage cans. Raccoons are opportunistic eaters, so they’ll eat just about anything. But their favorite foods are crayfish, frogs, and berries.

Bag limits for hunting Raccoons in Nebraska

The bag limit for hunting raccoons in Nebraska is two per day, with a possession limit of six. Raccoons may only be hunted during the open season, which runs from November 1 – March 31.

Legal ways to hunt Raccoons in Nebraska

The open season for hunting raccoons in Nebraska runs from September 1st through March 31st. A hunting license is required to hunt raccoons, and there is a daily bag limit of two and a possession limit of four. Raccoons may be hunted with firearms, bows, crossbows, or air guns. Baiting is not allowed.

Night hunting of raccoons is prohibited unless the hunter has obtained a special permit from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The use of artificial light to locate or take raccoons is also prohibited. It is illegal to shoot a raccoon that is in a tree unless the animal is actually causing damage (e.g., to crops or property). In such cases, landowners or their tenants may kill the offending animal without a hunting license. If you are unsure whether it is legal to shoot a particular animal, you should contact the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for more information.

Can you use dogs to hunt Raccoons in Nebraska?

In Nebraska, it is legal to use dogs to hunt raccoons. There are no restrictions on the type of dog that can be used, and any breed can be effective in hunting raccoons. However, some dogs are better suited for the task than others.

The most important factor in choosing a hunting dog is its ability to track down and flush out the prey. This is why hound breeds are often used for raccoon hunting. Beagles, basset hounds, and bloodhounds are all good choices for this type of hunting.

Another important consideration is the size of the dog. Raccoons can be aggressive, and they have sharp claws that can injure a small dog. medium to large-sized dogs are best for this type of hunt. Breeds such as Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and German shepherds are all good choices.

When choosing a dog for raccoon hunting, it is important to consider its temperament and energy level. A calm dog is less likely to be injured by a raccoon, and an energetic dog will have the stamina to keep up with the chase. Hunting dogs should also be obedient and responsive to commands so that they can be safely handled in the field.

Can you hunt Raccoons from a vehicle in Nebraska?

Although it is legal to hunt raccoons from a vehicle in Nebraska, it is not recommended. Raccoons are very quick and agile, making them difficult to hunt from a moving vehicle. Additionally, it can be unsafe to shoot firearms from a vehicle, as bullets can ricochet and cause injury or property damage. If you do choose to hunt raccoons from a vehicle in Nebraska, be sure to exercise caution and safety at all times.

Final Thoughts

After spending a week raccoon hunting in Nebraska, I’ve come to some final thoughts about the experience. Overall, it was a lot of fun and I’m glad I did it. Here are some of the things I liked and didn’t like about it.


-The challenge of trying to outsmart a clever animal

-Being out in nature and enjoying the fresh air

-The feeling of accomplishment when you finally catch one


-It can be frustrating when they keep getting away from you

-It’s hard work, both physically and mentally

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