Raccoon Hunting in Wisconsin

Raccoon Hunting in Wisconsin

Raccoon hunting in Wisconsin is a popular pastime for many people. There are a number of different ways to do it, and the best method depends on the time of year and the level of experience of the hunter. In this blog post, we will explore some of the different methods of raccoon hunting in Wisconsin, as well as some tips and tricks to help you be successful. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just getting started, this post will have something for you.

Raccoon Hunting Laws in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, there are two ways that you can legally hunt raccoons. The first is with a permit from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The second is to participate in a regulated hunting season.

If you want to get a permit from the DNR, you need to meet certain requirements. You must be at least 18 years old and have completed a hunter safety course. You also need to have written permission from the landowner on which you plan to hunt.

If you choose to participate in a regulated hunting season, there are different rules that apply. The season typically runs from mid-August through early February. During this time, you can only hunt raccoons at night with the use of artificial lights. You are also required to wear blaze orange clothing while hunting.

Do you need a license to hunt Raccoons in Wisconsin?

Although there are no specific laws regulating the hunting of raccoons in Wisconsin, you will need a license to hunt any animal in the state. You can get a hunting license from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Raccoon Hunting Seasons in Wisconsin

The hunting season for raccoons in Wisconsin runs from October 1 to February 15. During this time, hunters can take up to five raccoon per day. The bag limit for the season is 10 raccoon.

Can you hunt Raccoons at night in Wisconsin?

Raccoons are most active at night, so that is the best time to hunt them. You can use a spotlight to shine a light on the Raccoon while you are hunting at night. In Wisconsin, you need to have a hunting license to hunt Raccoons. You can get a license from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Bag limits for hunting Raccoons in Wisconsin

Raccoon hunting is a popular pastime in Wisconsin, and the state offers ample opportunity to pursue these wily quarry. Raccoons may be hunted with firearms, archery equipment, or dogs during the open season. The daily bag limit for raccoons is five, and the possession limit is ten.

Raccoons are most active at night, so hunters often use artificial lights to spot them. Shooting from a moving vehicle is not allowed, so hunters must be prepared to stalk their prey on foot. When using dogs to hunt raccoons, the dogs must be under the direct supervision of the hunter at all times.

The best time of year to hunt raccoons varies depending on the weather and local conditions, but in general, the fall months offer the best opportunity for success.

Legal ways to hunt Raccoons in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, it is legal to hunt raccoons with certain weapons during specific seasons. The state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regulates hunting of these animals.

Raccoons may be hunted with firearms, including handguns, air rifles and shotguns during the open season. Crossbows may also be used to hunt raccoons during the archery season. In addition, it is legal to trap raccoons with body-gripping traps during the trapping season. Dogs may be used to hunt raccoons only from September 15 – March 31.

Hunters must have a valid hunting license and follow all other DNR regulations while hunting. Raccoon pelts can be sold only if they are properly tagged by the DNR.

Can you use dogs to hunt Raccoons in Wisconsin?

Yes, you can use dogs to hunt raccoons in Wisconsin. There are a few things to keep in mind when using dogs to hunt raccoons. First, make sure that the dog is up to date on its vaccinations and is healthy. Second, be aware of the hunting regulations in your area and make sure you are following them. Third, be prepared for the dog to get dirty and wet while hunting. Finally, have patience and do not give up if the dog does not find a raccoon right away.

Can you hunt Raccoons from a vehicle in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, it is legal to hunt raccoons from a vehicle as long as the vehicle is not moving. You must have a valid hunting license and follow all other hunting regulations. When hunting from a vehicle, you must be able to show that the animal was killed humanely and that the meat will not be wasted.

Final Thoughts

As the sun began to set, we headed back to the truck. We had a successful day of raccoon hunting and were excited to get home and process our bounty. On the drive home, we reflected on the day’s events and what we had learned.

We were reminded that raccoon hunting is a challenging sport, but one that can be very rewarding. We enjoyed spending time in the woods and getting close to nature. We also appreciated the opportunity to work together as a team and support each other through the ups and downs of the hunt.

We are looking forward to next season and hope to improve our skills so that we can continue to enjoy this great sport.

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