Squirrel Hunting in Pennsylvania: An Ultimate Guide

Squirrel hunting is a popular sport in Pennsylvania. The state is home to more than 1.4 million squirrels, and hunters harvest between 200,000 and 400,000 squirrels each year. There are two types of squirrels in Pennsylvania: the gray squirrel and the fox squirrel. Gray squirrels are the most common, and they can be found in every county in the state. Fox squirrels are less common, but they can be found in some counties in the southern and eastern parts of the state. Squirrel hunting season runs from September 1 to February 28. The daily bag limit is six squirrels, and the possession limit is 12.

Squirrel Hunting Laws in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there are laws regulating squirrel hunting. These laws are in place to protect both the animals and the hunters. It is important to be familiar with these laws before heading out on a hunt.

The first law to be aware of is the bag limit. In Pennsylvania, hunters are only allowed to kill two squirrels per day. This limit is in place to ensure that the population of squirrels does not decline too rapidly.

Another law to be aware of is the season. Squirrel hunting season in Pennsylvania runs from September 1st to February 28th. This season is designed to allow for hunting when the squirrels are most active and their fur is at its prime.

There are also regulations regarding what type of weapon can be used while hunting squirrels. In Pennsylvania, hunters are only allowed to use shotguns or air rifles while hunting squirrels. The use of any other type of weapon, such as a rifle or handgun, is illegal.

Lastly, there are restrictions on where you can hunt squirrels in Pennsylvania. Hunting on state game lands is prohibited unless you have written permission from the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Additionally, it is illegal to hunt within 150 yards of any occupied dwelling without the owner’s permission.

By following these laws, hunters can help ensure a healthy population of squirrels for future generations and an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Do you need a license to hunt Squirrel in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you need a license to hunt squirrel in Pennsylvania. A hunting license can be obtained from the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The cost of a license varies depending on the type of license and whether or not you are a resident of Pennsylvania. A non-resident hunting license costs $20.90, while a resident hunting license only costs $6.70. You can purchase a license online or at any number of locations across the state, including sporting goods stores and bait shops.

Squirrel Hunting Seasons in Pennsylvania

The squirrel hunting seasons in Pennsylvania vary depending on the species of squirrel. The gray squirrel season typically runs from mid-September to early December, while the fox squirrel season runs from early October to late November. There is also a separate trapping season for gray and fox squirrels, which runs from early December to late February.

Can you hunt Squirrel at night in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, you can only hunt squirrels during the daylight hours. This is because they are nocturnal animals and are most active at night.

Bag limits for hunting Squirrel in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the bag limit for squirrel hunting is six per day. This means that you can only kill and possess a total of six squirrels in one day. There are no exceptions to this rule, so even if you only killed five but had seven in your possession, you would still be breaking the law.

Legal ways to hunt Squirrel in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there are four legal ways to hunt squirrel. They are:

1. with a shotgun and either lead or steel shot;
2. with an air rifle that is .177 caliber or larger;
3. with a bow and arrow;
4. with trapping devices, such as snares or foothold traps.

The most common way to hunt squirrel is with a shotgun and lead or steel shot. Air rifles have also become popular in recent years, as they are more accurate than shotguns and can be used in areas where discharging a firearm is not allowed. bows and arrows are another option, but they are not as effective as firearms or air rifles. Trapping devices can be used, but they must be checked daily so that the animals do not suffer unnecessarily.

Can you use dogs to hunt Squirrel in Pennsylvania?

Yes, dogs can be used to hunt squirrels in Pennsylvania. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most common is to use a dog to flush the squirrels out of their hiding spots so that you can shoot them.

Another way to use a dog to hunt squirrels is to train the dog to chase and catch the squirrels. This can be done by either teaching the dog how to do it or by using a professional hunting dog trainer. Either way, this method requires a lot of time and patience, and it is not recommended for beginners.

Can you hunt Squirrel from a vehicle in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, it is legal to hunt squirrel from a vehicle as long as the vehicle is not being used to aid in the hunting of the squirrel. The use of a vehicle to help in the hunting of game is considered illegal and can result in penalties.

Final Thoughts

There are a few things to keep in mind when squirrel hunting in Pennsylvania. First, always be sure of your target and what is beyond it. Second, remember to wear blaze orange during the firearms season. Finally, have fun and be safe!

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