Wild Boar Hunting in Texas: Rules and Regulations 2023 (Updated)

Every year, more than 4 million wild boars are killed in the United States. Most of them are hunted for sport, but some are killed for their meat and fur. Texas is one of the states with the highest population of wild boars. In fact, there are more than 3.5 million wild boars in Texas alone. If you’re thinking about hunting wild boar in Texas, there are a few things you should know first.

In this blog post, we will explore everything from the best time to hunt to what kind of equipment you need.

Wild Boar Hunting Laws in Texas

In Texas, there are no statewide laws governing the hunting of wild boar. However, many counties and municipalities have enacted ordinances that regulate hunting within their jurisdictions.

These ordinances may place restrictions on the methods used to hunt wild boar, the areas where hunting is allowed, and the times of year when hunting is permitted.

Before hunting wild boar in Texas, be sure to check with your local county or city ordinances to see if there are any regulations you need to follow.

Do you need a license to hunt Wild Boars in Texas?

In order to hunt wild boar in Texas, you must have a valid hunting license. You can purchase a hunting license online or at any retailer that sells hunting and fishing gear.

A hunting license is valid for one year from the date of purchase and allows you to hunt anywhere in Texas. If you are a resident of Texas, you must also have a valid driver’s license or ID card.

Wild Boar Hunting Seasons in Texas

There are two main wild boar hunting seasons in Texas: the General Season and the Special Season. The General Season runs from the first Saturday in September through the last day of February. The Special Season runs from the first Saturday in March through the last day of August.

In order to hunt wild boar during the General Season, hunters must possess a valid hunting license and a special permit. During the Special Season, hunters must possess a valid hunting license and a special permit, as well as a special hog-hunting stamp.

Can you hunt Wild Boars at night in Texas?

Yes, you can hunt wild boars at night in Texas. There are no restrictions on hunting hours for hogs, so you can hunt them 24/7 if you’d like. That said, nighttime hog hunting can be challenging and even dangerous, so it’s important to take some precautions.

First and foremost, always use a flashlight when hunting hogs at night. This will help you see the animals and avoid accidentally shooting another hunter. Second, consider using a rifle with a scope or night vision goggles to get a better view of the hogs. Finally, be aware of your surroundings and be careful not to stumble into any holes or other hazards in the dark.

Bag limits for hunting Wild Boars in Texas

The bag limit for hunting wild boars in Texas is four (4) per day. A person may take no more than one (1) wild boar per day during any open season on that species. The daily bag limit for each wild boar shall be inclusive of any other species of game animals.

A person must possess a valid hunting license issued by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to hunt wild boar in Texas. The minimum age for hunting alone is 17 years old.

There are different seasons for hunting hogs with firearms, muzzleloaders, bows, and crossbows. Check the TPWD website for specific dates.

During the regular season, there is no size limit for hogs. However, trophy hogs taken during the special late season hunt must weigh at least 125 pounds live weight or have an inside spread measurement of at least 13 inches between the main beams to qualify as a trophy hog. All trophy hogs must be brought to a TPWD Law Enforcement office within five days of harvest for verification and entry into the Big Time Texas Hunts drawing system.

Hunters are also required to check their hogs before leaving the premises where they were harvested and recorded on their harvest log. Hogs may be checked by calling 1-800-847-4868 or online at tpwd.texas.gov/check-game

Legal ways to hunt Wild Boars in Texas

There are many ways to hunt wild boar in Texas, but not all of them are legal. Here are some tips on how to hunt wild boar legally in Texas:

1. Get a hunting license. In order to hunt wild boar in Texas, you must have a valid hunting license. You can get a hunting license from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department or from a licensed outfitter.

2. Know the seasons and bag limits. Wild boar hunting season in Texas runs from September 1st through February 28th, with a daily bag limit of two pigs per hunter. It is important to know the dates of the season and the bag limit in order to hunt legally in Texas.

3. Choose the right weapon. When hunting wild boar in Texas, you must use a shotgun or a rifle that is .22 caliber or larger. You may not use any other type of weapon, such as a bow or crossbow.

4. Use nontoxic shot. When hunting wild boar in Texas, you must use nontoxic shot, such as steel shot or copper-plated lead shot. Nontoxic shot is required by law in order to protect wildlife and humans alike from lead poisoning.

5. Be safe and respectful of others. When hunting wild boar in Texas, always follow safety rules and regulations in order to keep yourself and others safe. Be respectful of other hunters and landowners, and obey all game laws while

Can you use dogs to hunt Wild Boars in Texas?

Yes, you can use dogs to hunt wild boars in Texas. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most common is to use hounds. Hounds are specifically trained to follow the scent of a wild boar and track it down. Once the hound has located the boar, the hunter can then move in and take their shot. Other methods of using dogs to hunt wild boars include using them as distractions or driving them into traps.

Can you hunt Wild Boars from a vehicle in Texas?

In Texas, you can only hunt wild boars from a vehicle if you have a valid hunting license and are accompanied by a licensed hunter who is 21 years of age or older. If you meet these requirements, you may hunt wild boars from a vehicle on any public road or right-of-way that is open to vehicular traffic. However, you may not hunt wild boars on private property without the landowner’s permission.

Final Thoughts

After spending a weekend hunting wild boar in Texas, I’ve come to some final thoughts on the experience. Overall, I had a great time and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new hunting adventure.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering hunting wild boar in Texas. First, be prepared for hot weather. It can get pretty steamy down there, especially in the summer months. Second, be aware of the snakes and other wildlife that call Texas home. You don’t want to stumble upon a rattlesnake or water moccasin while you’re out in the brush! Finally, make sure you’re familiar with the regulations governing wild boar hunting in Texas. There are different rules in different parts of the state, so it’s important to do your research before heading out.

If you can handle the heat and watch out for the critters, then wild boar hunting in Texas is definitely worth checking out!



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