Javelina Hunting in Arizona

Javelina hunting is a popular sport in Arizona. Every year, hunters flock to the state in hopes of bagging one of these elusive creatures. But what exactly are javelinas, and why are they so difficult to hunt? In this blog post, we will explore all things javelina hunting in Arizona. From the best time of year to hunt to the preferred methods and more, read on to learn everything you need to know about this popular pastime.

Javelina Hunting Laws in Arizona

In Arizona, javelina may be hunted during the general open season for deer, from October 10th through January 31st. Bag and possession limits are the same as for deer. A hunting license is required, and hunters must comply with all other state hunting laws and regulations.

Javelina may be hunted with any legal weapon for deer, including handguns, shotguns, rifles, and muzzleloaders. Crossbows may also be used, but only by hunters who have been issued a crossbow permit by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission.

There are no special permits or tags required to hunt javelina in Arizona. However, all hunters must have a valid hunting license and must comply with all state hunting laws and regulations.

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Do you need a license to hunt Javelina in Arizona?

In Arizona, you need a license to hunt javelina. You can apply for a license online or at any Game and Fish office. The cost of a license is $24 for residents and $150 for non-residents. If you are under the age of 18, you need to have a parent or guardian sign your application.

Javelina Hunting Seasons in Arizona

There are two javelina hunting seasons in Arizona. The first season runs from October 10 – 31, and the second season runs from November 23 – 30. Javelinas can only be hunted on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays during both seasons.

During the first season, javelinas may only be hunted with dogs. During the second season, javelinas may be hunted with either dogs or without dogs. The use of ATVs is prohibited while hunting javelinas.

Hunters are required to have a valid Arizona hunting license and a tag for each javelina they wish to harvest. Only one javelina may be harvested per hunter per year.

Can you hunt Javelina at night in Arizona?

Yes, javelina may be hunted at night in Arizona with the aid of artificial light. A person may not shine a light from a vehicle while hunting javelina. The use of any spotlight, headlight, flashlight, or other artificial light while taking wildlife is prohibited unless specifically authorized.

Bag limits for hunting Javelina in Arizona

In Arizona, the bag limit for javelina is two per day with a possession limit of six. Javelina may be taken with any caliber of firearm, but only during the open season. The open season for javelina hunting in Arizona runs from October 15 to February 28. Javelina may not be hunted with dogs.

Legal ways to hunt Javelina in Arizona

If you want to hunt Javelina in Arizona, there are a few things you need to know. First, Javelina can only be hunted during certain times of the year. The general season runs from October 25 through February 15. However, there are also special hunting seasons for javelina with hounds and crossbows.

Second, you need to have the proper license. You can get a Javelina tag through the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The cost is $22 for residents and $177 for non-residents.

Third, you need to know where to hunt Javelina. They are found throughout much of Arizona, but the best places to hunt them are in southeastern Arizona and on the Mogollon Rim.

Fourth, you need to be aware of the regulations regarding Javelina hunting. For example, you can only use certain types of firearms and ammunition when hunting Javelina. You also cannot spotlight or shoot from a vehicle while hunting them.

Finally, remember that safety is always the most important thing when hunting. Make sure you know how to handle your firearm safely and always follow all of the rules and regulations governing hunting in Arizona. By doing so, you will have a safe and successful hunt.

Can you use dogs to hunt Javelina in Arizona?

Dogs are commonly used to hunt javelina in Arizona. Although javelina is not as easily frightened as deer, they will still run from dogs. When choosing a dog to hunt with, it is important to consider the size of the dog and whether or not the dog will be able to keep up with the javelina. Smaller dogs may have a difficult time keeping up with javelina, while larger dogs may be too much for javelina to handle. The best way to find out if your dog is right for hunting javelina is to take them out on a trial run. Let them see and smell live javelina before you let them loose to chase after one. If your dog seems interested in the javelina and does not seem afraid, then it should be fine to use for hunting.

Can you hunt Javelina from a vehicle in Arizona?

In Arizona, you can only hunt javelina from a vehicle if you are disabled. If you are not disabled, you must be within 10 feet of the javelina and actively pursuing it on foot.

Final Thoughts

After spending a week hunting javelina in Arizona, I’ve come to some final thoughts on the experience. Overall, I had a great time and was successful in harvesting a nice boar. I enjoyed the challenge of stalking and still-hunting these wily animals in the rugged terrain.

There were a few things that I didn’t like about the hunt, though. First, the flies were absolutely relentless. They would get into your eyes, nose, and mouth no matter what you did. Second, I got pretty sick of eating javelina meat after a while. It’s not the most flavorful game out there.

All in all, though, I’m glad I went on this hunt and would recommend it to others who are looking for a challenging hunt in a beautiful country.

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